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Reaction: Recreating the Demo

plugins used to create the demo version of Reaction: Gantry Framework RokAjaxSearch RokBox RokCommon Library (Should be Installed and Activated Before RokGallery and/or RokSprocket) RokGallery RokSprocket All of these plugins are included with the Reaction RocketLauncher, and can be downloaded and

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo.md
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Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Navigation

Navigation Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Navigation section: Gantry Menu The Gantry Menu widget should be set to match your site's main menu as it serves as the primary menu widget for the entire site. You can customize this menu by navigating to Administration -> Appearance -> Menus and creating or modifying your selected menu there...

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_navigation.md
Score 43.9

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Sidebar

gt; <div class="demo-rss-left"> <img alt="RSS" class="demo-rss-img" src= "http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/reaction/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_reaction_wp/frontpage/rss.png"> <a href="#"><strong>Subscribe via RSS?</strong></a>

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_sidebar.md
Score 39.9

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Latest Comments

Latest Comments This area of the front page is a JComments Latest module. You will find the settings used in our demo below. JComments is an extension built and supported by a third party and is not officially supported by RocketTheme. Details Option Setting Title Latest Comments Show Title Show Position sidebar-a Status Published Access Public Basic Option Setting Source com_content Number of Items 5 Period - All - Comments Grouping None Order Recent First Display Options Option Setting Comment Title Hide Comment Author Show Comment Text Limit 1000 Read More Link Hide Comment Date Hide Date Type Absolute Date Format d...

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/reaction/demo_module_6.md
Score 39.0

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Header

thoughts, <span>expressed</span> freely to all.<span class="rt-super">1</span></span> <span class="rt-desc2">Reaction is founded on the fresh, contemporary framework <em>Gantry</em>, with features such as the 960 grid system and a totally redesigned

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_header.md
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Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Bottom

class="rt-image" src= "http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/reaction/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_reaction_wp/frontpage/photo1.jpg"> <img alt="Photo" class="rt-image" src= "http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/reaction/wp-content/rockettheme/rt_reaction_wp/frontpage/photo2.jpg"> <img

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_bottom.md
Score 38.2

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - RokAjaxSearch

RokAjaxSearch The search area of the front page is a mod_rokajaxsearch module that allows visitors to search your site using the powerful RokAjaxSearch tool. Details Option Setting Title RokAjaxSearch Show Title Hide Position feature-a Status Published Access Public Layout Options Option Setting Search Page URL index...

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/reaction/demo_module_3.md
Score 38.2

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Feature

Feature Section Here is the widget breakdown for the Feature section: RokAjaxSearch Gantry Divider Gantry Font sizer RokAjaxSearch The RokAjaxSearch widget allows users to search your site for interesting content. Leaving everything at its default setting, select Save. Gantry Divider This widget tells WordPress to start a new widget column beginning with the widget placed directly below the divider in the section...

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_feature.md
Score 38.2

Reaction: Recreating the Demo - Overrides

of any Gantry theme is the ability to be set up within the Theme Settings menu. These settings can be adjusted by navigating to Administration -> Reaction Theme. To replicate the demo, the main changes being made will happen within the Style, Gizmos, Layouts, and Advanced tabs. This table will break

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/reaction/demo_override.md