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Home Office Hacks for Productivity

decline in productivity. For many, the conveniences of home can make staying focused exceedingly difficult. In this article, we will cover some quick hacks you can do to improve productivity while working from home. Open Your Blinds Having a window in your working environment may seem like a distraction

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/147-home-office-hacks-for-productivity
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What Do You Do if Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked?

net and Sample Templates. Confirm the Hack More commonplace than WordPress blogs being hacked is the occurrence of blog owners coming to the false conclusion that their blogs have been hacked. Below are a few ways to ascertain, without any doubt, if your blog has been hacked or if it is just a case of the

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/214-what-do-you-do-if-your-wordpress-site-has-been-hacked
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Strengthening the Admin area of WordPress

highly popular website building platform. So many websites being hosted on the CMS also makes it a soft target for malicious hackers who are looking to inject their codes or simply hack a website for fun. The Open-source nature of the platform makes it even more comfortable to get into the WordPress admin

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/270-strengthening-the-admin-area-of-wordpress
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How to Build an Audience on Your Blog

little good hitting the streets for a word-of-mouth campaign. Instead, an appeal to the tech community directly through aggregate sites like Techmeme, Hacker News, and Reddit could prove more fruitful. Likewise, a local food blog wouldn't necessarily reap many benefits from an International ad campaign

RocketTheme Documentation /docs/technical_tips/blogging/how_to_build_an_audience.md
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RocketTheme Demo Server Update

Last night, a minor defacing hack occured on RocketTheme's demo server, which hosts demos of its WordPress, Joomla, phpBB, and Magento themes. No customer data was compromised, and RocketTheme was able to quickly identify and patch the exploit. A known exploit found in an older version of Magento

Magento Articles /blog/team/217-rockettheme-demo-server-update
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RokLegacy Extensions

Features Compress/Combine CSS Files Compress/Combine JavaScript Cache Time Setting RokBridge Features Joomla/phpBB Bridge Bi-Directional Syncing No Hacks Required Non-invasive Joomla Application Little Performance Overhead Additional Module Options RokFeatureTable Features Unlimited Rows Up to 6 Columns

Joomla Products /joomla/extensions/roklegacy
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WordPress Security Tips for 2016

WordPress site is security. The results of having your site compromised in some way can be devastating, and its affects can last well beyond the initial hack. The team over at CMSTOWP.com have put together an infographic that sheds light on the importance of good security practices in WordPress. Because

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/224-wordpress-security-tips-for-2016
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Top Five Password Managers

leave a lot of room for error. Physical writing can be stolen, files can be corrupted or lost, and using the same password everywhere means that a hacker only needs to uncover one of your passwords to get access to every service you use. Many members of our team have opted instead to use password managers

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/110-top-five-password-managers
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Productivity Tips for Developers

during the extra time. This can be a great incentive for stepping up to the plate and cranking something out a little earlier. It is a bit of a mind hack, but it really works. Schedule and Take Breaks If you skip breakfast, you are more likely to overeat throughout the day. The same principle applies

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/107-productivity-tips-for-developers
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A Beginner’s Guide to Database Management and Changing WordPressThemes

manipulation, theme change, or deactivation of plug-ins all by yourself, but before doing so, you need to be aware of the possibility of your site getting hacked. It is essential to focus on security, for which the first step you can take is to change the database prefix. Also choose a very strong username and

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/243-a-beginner-s-guide-to-database-management-and-changing-wordpressthemes