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Gemini: Accordion Menu Particle

Introduction The Accordion Menu particle creates a beautifully-designed expanding menu. Here are the topics covered in this guide: Configuration Main Options Group Options Group Item Options Configuration Main Options Option Description Title Sets the title for the particle

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/gemini/particle_accordionmenu.md
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Modulus: Recreating the Demo - FP MB A

<img src="/images/blank.png" alt="image" class="rt-img-link" /> <h2 class="feature">RokStock</h2> <p>Using RokStock you can beautifully display live stock information, styled just for Modulus.</p> Basic Option Setting Prepare Content Yes Select a Background

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/modulus/demo_module_3.md
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Galatea: Recreating the Demo - Header Section

Item 1 Image Custom Item 1 Title Label Portfolio Item 1 Title Link # Item 1 Title Link Target Self Item 1 Description A beautiful single-page design showcasing your work and professional background. Item 1 Animations g-mosaicgrid-zoom Item 1 Button Label Blank

Grav Documentation /docs/grav/themes/galatea/demo_header.md
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Xenon: News Slider Particle

Introduction The News Slider particle creates a beautifully-designed news slider that compacts a lot of content into a small space - giving visitors a preview of larger content pieces. Here are the topics covered in this guide: Configuration Main Options Item Options Configuration Main Options

Grav Documentation /docs/grav/themes/xenon/particle_newsslider.md
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Fresco: Recreating the Demo - Top Features

All Note Blank Custom Output Enter the following in the Custom Output text editor. <div> <h4 class="nomarginbottom">Beautifully Styled</h4> <p class="nomarginbottom">Ten stunning preset styles and a selection of elegant, stylistic module variations.</p>

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/fresco/demo_module_7.md
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acute attention to detail. The design brings life to your content, creating a positive user experience for visitors. The style has support for beautiful integrated styling for varying modules, amongst other features, such as the RokBB3. Features Ten Unique and Visually Rich Variations Custom Module

Phpbb Documentation /docs/phpbb/styles/fresco/
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Introduction Hexeris is a beautifully versatile theme with rich style elements to invigorate your site content. The theme supports integrated styling for the new RokSprocket layout: Strips; as well as other layout modes. A standard assortment of features are also available, predominantly powered

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/hexeris/
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Supra: Panel Slider Particle

Introduction The Panel Slider particle (also called bgslideshow) creates beautiful image slideshows that work perfectly at the top of your page. Here are the topics covered in this guide: Configuration Main Options Item Options Configuration Main Options These options affect the main aspects

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/supra/particle_panel.md
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Galatea: Recreating the Demo - Slideshow Section

Background Image gantry-media://rocketlauncher/home/slideshow/img-01.jpg Item 1 Title Owl Carousel Slideshow Item 1 Description Galatea is a beautiful, clean design that blends foreground with background elements in an elegant, modern way. Item 1 Link # Item 1 Link Text Get Started

Grav Documentation /docs/grav/themes/galatea/demo_slideshow.md
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Introduction Camber is a beautifully designed theme, based around the Color Chooser system, that allows you to choose background, accent, text and link colors, as well as overlay type for each section of the design. Also, choose from a wide variety of patterns for the background. NOTICE:

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/camber/