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Ricochet: Recreating the Demo - Upcoming Events

<h6>One of the Gantry Framework's most notable features is its custom administrative interface. The template manager provides a user friendly and intuitive console to configure many aspects of the template, from features, menu choices, to extensions layout controls.</h6> Basic Option

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/ricochet/demo_module_4.md
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Tessellate: Recreating the Demo - FP MainTop B

class="hidden-tablet">Content </span>Extension</h3> <p>RokSprocket has its own, unique, custom administrative interface with intuitive controls and ajax loading to make content setup quick and easy.</p> <p class="hidden-tablet">RokSprocket has multiple layouts

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/tessellate/demo_module_13.md
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or through Google, which includes image, video, blog and normal web search options. Color Chooser Modulus features the Color Chooser —an intuitive interface inside the theme manager— that facilitates the swift customization of the theme style, with an auto contrasting function for content text

Wordpress Products /wordpress/themes/modulus
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Built into Gantry 5 is a dynamic dropdown menu system, with multiple columns and inline widget and particle support. Configure the menu from an intuitive dropdown menu interface, allowing for the swift creation of complex menus. Responsive Photon is a responsive theme which means it adapts to

Wordpress Products /wordpress/themes/photon
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Ricochet: Recreating the Demo - Expanded Top

<h6>One of the Gantry Framework's most notable features is its custom administrative interface. The theme settings page provides a user friendly and intuitive console to configure many aspects of the theme, from gizmos, styling, to layout controls.</h6> Here is a breakdown of options changes you

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/ricochet/demo_expandedtop.md
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business use or as a platform for extensive individual customization. Built on the Gantry Framework, Clarion has a range of powerful, flexible and intuitive features and functions. The administrative interface offers a user friendly control panel for intricately customizing the template layouts. Clarion

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/clarion/
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Ambrosia: Recreating the Demo - Sidebar Section

Field Setting CSS Classes Blank Title Blank Promo Image Custom Promo Image Title <span>Gantry 5 particles intuitively faciliate content creation </span> <span><a href="#">Read More</a></span> Description Blank Icon Button

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/ambrosia/demo_sidebar.md
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Cygnet: Recreating the Demo - Utility

Title Creative Content Control Image Custom Link Custom Description RokSprocket is a versatile content plugin, built with its own intuitive custom UI, with several layouts and themes, providing a flexible platform to control your site content. Here is a look at the Features Layout Options

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/cygnet/demo_utility.md
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Paradigm: Recreating the Demo - Utility

rt-capitalize">Top-Notch Coding</h1> <p>The Gantry Framework forms the core of the template, providing a rich selection, such as an intuitive administrator.</p> <a class="readon2" href="http://demo.rockettheme.com/live/wordpress/paradigm/features/">Read More</a> Here

Wordpress Documentation /docs/wordpress/themes/paradigm/demo_utility.md
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Antares: Recreating the Demo - Extension Section

Alt Text Innovative Item 1 Name Intuitive Admin Interface Item 1 Title Blank Item 1 Icon Blank Item 1 Image Blank Item 1 RokBox Image Blank Item 1 Caption Blank Item 1 Sub Title Blank Item 1 Description An intuitive admin interface to configure the template

Joomla Documentation /docs/joomla/templates/antares/demo_extension.md