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Need Dreamweaver SECRET> Fonts etc. wrong even with Joomla editor off

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    Need Dreamweaver SECRET> Fonts etc. wrong even with Joomla editor off

    Posted 14 years 5 months ago
    • Hi All!
      Had no luck with this over at Joomla.org forum.

      Dreamweaver code doesn't stay same when put into joomla content backend even with editor OFF.
      That's all I need to figure out really.

      Hi! Looked all over for this answer...
      I turn OFF the editor in Joomla 1.07

      I make some tables in DWeaver.... change a few stock fonts [verdana] a few sizes, maybe bold here and there... when I paste it into NO WYSIWYG backend of Joomla changes happen!

      I found that the TOP table in DWeaver needed to be left empty to get any close results in Preview of site after pasting into Joomla...

      NOW i'm thinking...well if I leave EVERYTHING properties-wise as default or None in Dreamweaver and then past into Joomla backend I get what the template [or site?] would normally do...

      I could not find anything about this problem I'm having though I MUSTA just missed finding it as other I think are having this happen...

      I noticed for the say, FCkeditor module you can do a CSS override... though I'm not using the editor!

      Anyone know about this...

      I REALLy need to have Joomla follow exactly what I set in Dreamweaver as I don't use an editor in sites backend... though I've found FCKeditor 2.1 pretty cool....
      Gotta choose Dreamweaver though foe my workflow and don't wanna be mixing and match at all...

      GURU comment massivly appreciated...

      Kinda need detail here OR maybe it's dead simple???


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