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Gantry 5: Block Content vs. Modules

  • Gantry 5: Block Content vs. Modules

    Posted 1 year 2 months ago
    • Moderators: Should this be in a differnt forum topic?

      Hi All, I am finally starting to use and enjoy Gantry 5. As I've been learning, I can see two ways to manage content (other than articles) that I want to style myself ... I can add a block content particle or a module position to the template for that position. I suppose if it is a small site, it would be easier to use block content, as basically all your page's side content ('modules' as called in Gantry 4) can be found in one place to edit. But ... I am used to using an editor to style my custom content and there is no editor for block content particles (correct?), so assigning a module position, then creating a module as a custom module, is another approach...more of a Gantry 4 feel. But, in each choice, I don't think I can use css built in for the other choice.

      Just wondering what others may have decided on for their own process, when you want custom styling for content other than articles. And, I suppose whichever I do, I need to make good notes in the Module Notes and keep good descriptions for each particle.

      Thanks, Vicky
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    Re: Gantry 5: Block Content vs. Modules

    Posted 1 year 2 months ago
  • Re: Gantry 5: Block Content vs. Modules

    Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago
    • Another benefit I have found to using a module position is that you can apply access control more easily.
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