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Motivation. All or nothing...

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    Motivation. All or nothing...

    Posted 5 years 1 month ago
    • I have been going through a phase (don't know what else to call it), where I have had a serious lack of motivation. Lots to do and no motivation to get it done. This has lasted for a few months, and luckily for me web design isn't my primary source of income. I seem to have come out of it now, and the past week or so I have been well and truly back 'in the zone', getting lots done and generally having enthusiasm. There is no rhyme or reason for this, it just seemed to happen. I would have lots to do, I wouldn't get it done, and the fact that I wasn't getting it done stressed me out. The solution should be simple, get stuff done! But no matter what, I had no get up and go. Has anyone else experienced this?

      Nothing else in my private life had changed to make this happen, no upsets, no major drama, but I had zero enthusiasm for something that I love doing. Gladly I seem to have turned a corner and I am back to the way things were previously. I suppose I could liken it to some kind of writers block. I would sit in front of my laptop and end up reading the news, going through Facebook or generally avoiding what I should be doing! My only thought is that maybe I just needed a rest, and that was the way it manifested itself. I work full time and look after a number of sites on a retained basis in my spare time.

      This is no big drama, but wondered if anybody else had experienced similar, and if they had, how they dealt with it. Or maybe it's just me.......!
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    Re: Motivation. All or nothing...

    Posted 5 years 1 month ago
    • Hi there.

      I am quite confident that you are going through a phase of self-sabotage. As a qualified hypnotheraptist I often see cases of self-sabotage. This is when your sub-conscious is in conflict with your logical thinking and often results in total failure or a bulk restart of the emotions.

      The easiest thing to do is ignore the symptoms in the hope that it will go away. Wrong!

      Just look at the simplest of lists which show what needs to be done and by when. By accessing your subconscious thoughts you can determine the best path for you and your workload.

      Hope this helps 8)
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