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Looking for cool solution > calendar > cart

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    Looking for cool solution > calendar > cart

    Posted 6 years 3 weeks ago
    • Hey everyone, I love it when I have a client and get to re-up my RT membership - gets me into this forum

      Anyway, they bought this s---! software to help book sports activities like clinics and classes, but it doesn't work.

      What I want to slap together for them is some kind of Calendar or Schedule, then have it integrate into a simple shopping cart. Seems like there are a ton of solutions, but what would you do? Where would you look? How would you go about it to make it simple for them to update and use? It's WP/Voxel, so I could modify some kind of cart, but wanted to ask around.

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    Re: Looking for cool solution > calendar > cart

    Posted 6 years 2 weeks ago
    • Hi there,

      I have used these people on Joomla - www.appointmentbookingpro.com/ - not sure if they do a WP version.

      Hope this helps 8)
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