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Need to modify this template a bit ...

  • Need to modify this template a bit ...

    Posted 14 years 3 months ago
    • Hi,

      I am very new to joomla. I have been using an in house CMS for over 2 years but joomla works very differently in many ways.
      I love the extra features in joomla which i don;t have at this time with the CMS i am using so that is why i want to convert the site.

      So first off, the site i need to convert is www.nitetours.com

      In order to view the site i am working on right now you will need to change your host file to: nitetours.com

      I already have the template installed and ready for joomla but there are a few things i am not sure how to convert to make it work similar to it's current setup.

      1. I need a frontpage, which will list ONLY the 4 cities and once click with bring me to that specific city category. I believe i can do this with a splash page that will have 4 links, which will redirect to the appropriate Joomla! page. Would i need to hard link this to the specific ID page?

      2. The way it's setup right now is that I have 4 different categories (cities) with different pages under each category. Those pages are only shown under that specific category (city). So let's say i click on Edmonton from the front page, it will bring me to the Edmonton category with it's specified pages in the left navigation menu.

      3. The banners (on the right) are specific to it's category. So banners for Edmonton will be different from Calgary.

      4. Notice that the header images are different for each category and/or each page. With Joomla it seems that there is only one page with one header image...i believe i can do this with an extra module, not sure.

      5. There needs to be a different sign up group for each category (city). This is so, for example, Edmonton will receive a different newsletter then Calgary.

      Thanks for your help guys,
    • Regards,
      Cail Johnson
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    Re: Need to modify this template a bit ...

    Posted 14 years 3 months ago
    • first off i'm moving this to water cooler but will also try and ansewer your questiosn;

      1. splash page is a good idea for your set up as joomla wants to show off content on the frontpage. re, where you link to that will be answered below (but i'd link to sections)

      2. in joomla you have sections and then categories within sections i.e. the news then latest news or in your instance you could have edmonton as the section and then hotels, night clubs, restaurnats all as categories of that section.

      3. re. banners; you can tell the module on what pages to publish ..

      4. re. the header images; you can assign templates to specific pages only so you could replicate the template for edmonton with different colours or header image and in template manager you can assign that specific template to those specific pages

      5. not sure how you would do this without doing specific joomla install for each city but others might have a few ideas
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