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Joomla! vs. TikiWiki

  • Joomla! vs. TikiWiki

    Posted 14 years 3 months ago
    • I haven't a clue about the Wiki ways of building websites. Can anyone give me a quick and dirty rundown why you would choose Joomla! over TikiWiki?

      So far every Wiki site I've seen is stuck in the 3 column format. Content may be king but user interface is right there with it.

      Please give me some quick and dirty reaons why you think the Joomla! way is better than the Wiki.

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    Re: Joomla! vs. TikiWiki

    Posted 14 years 3 months ago
    • joomla is a cms, and tikiwiki is a wiki. They are very different things made for different purposes. A wiki is a collaborative 'live' content type system, and a cms is for creating websites quickly and easily. If you need wiki features but also want more control and flexibility you can find wiki components for joomla.
  • Re: Joomla! vs. TikiWiki

    Posted 14 years 3 months ago
    • That helps me have a little better grasp. I knda get what a wiki is and does. I cannot fully articulate it beyond what you wrote.

      I get the sense that since TikiWiki isn't a CMS it doesn't have as much control over content and how content is displayed; control over content is sacrificed for content, whereas Joomla has protocols in place to have control over content and how it is displayed.

      Anyone else? Does Tiki have more features than Joomla! ??

      I'm asking because I've got a potential client asking me some hard questions. I'm very experienenced with Joomla but not with Tiki. Is this statement true? :

      Joomla is a nice beautiful tool with lots of features for building a site. Tiki is a beautiful tool for allowing anyone to add content and as such - in order to display on all browsers - isn't as refined or sophisticated as Joomla when it comes to displaying content.

      I'm open to whatever tool gets the job done. I love Joomla through and through and yet for the past 2 weeks I've been dreaming how Ajax and Ruby on Rails can take Joomla to the next level, how all components and modules will be built with RoR and an entire Library of Congress site will start like the lirbary itself: a simple door. You click on single item and boom! the whole library is in view and it's easy to see where to go.... just dreaming.
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