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Joomla Vs Wordpress

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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 4 weeks ago
    • Just a question...

      How much resources does your Wordpress site consume?

      I have 2 public websites in my hosting account (Joomla) and another 3 testing sites, one of which was on Wordpress.
      Ever since I installed WP, I observed a very high spike in CPU usage and it would hit the ceiling a few times a day...
      I had set the site not to be searched by Wordpress index, some setting like that (been a few weeks since I last accessed it).

      This spike in resource usage had coincided with some server changes, so I did not pay much attention, but recently after the hostint company transferred its servers to a better datacenter, I started to get suspicious...
      I backed up the site, then deleted the files and database, and immediately CPU usage crashed down to minimal level...

      Even when I see hundreds of visitors in the Joomla sites that I administer, I have never witnessed anything coming close to such extraordinary resource usage...

      Is Wordpress really that bad in this respect or I missed a crucial configuration setting?

      If it is, then hosts must be delighted...you can't have more than one such site in your account if you want it to operate smoothly...
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 4 weeks ago
    • Not sure what that is.

      Here's how my VPS CPU usage looked like over the past week:

      This image is hidden for guests.
      Please log in or register to see it.

      This server hosts:

      2 x WordPress sites
      2 x Joomla sites
      1 x EE site

      These are all public sites.

      The biggest spike was ~10%, most of the time it's way below that.
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • Question:

      - Is there a Wordpress plugin that allows for article image handling for different views, e.g. different sizes alignment/floating parameters for Category View, for Article View etc?
      - Also, is there a plugin that does something similar for videos?

      At best this would be a single plugin handling media in general.

      Getting a little fed up with some deficiencies in Joomla and I am considering moving to Wordpress. Yootheme's ZOO CCK was my best bet with Joomla (integrating tags, media handling etc, but not with Joomla users! and adopting that one-way data direction, administrator-based approach that might suit catalogues, but not news sites, especially with many authors) but it's also got some striking shortcomings as well.

      Anyway, looking for some plugins to do similar things in Wordpress, if you can help I would appreciate it. Have gotten somewhat lost in the plugin galaxy of Wordpress.
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • In reply to the original post (I know it is old but only just found it) I tend to match Joomla and Wordpress to the client needs and knowledge.

      In short, if the client is looking for a simple site (brochure style) to promote their business and have no plans to expand into new areas such as ecom coupled with their own inhouse skillbase (I present a Q&A for them at consultation) I always lean towards Wordpress IF the Q&A indicates a lower to mid score and smaller online requirements.

      Why? Simple IMHO, as WP has a far easier management scope for the less savvy and they tend to get to grips with it much easier. Plus I can restrict access to files that could 'break' the site by using a white label plugin. Joomla can be overkill as it is feature packed and is a more robust CMS IMHO.

      For all others, bigger site requirements, more in tune with websites, larger online ambitions regarding the site and its features etc then Joomla is always presented as a first choice as it tends to fit the bill better and can offer more native functions IMHO.

      Which one is best? I love them both...I will love WP even more once Gantry gets a tad faster in the back end but overall it really depends on what my client wants.

      My own money sites use both, for smaller, sniper sites I always use WP (and a set group of plugins) but for larger info/community based sites J! gets the vote.

      Just my two cents.

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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • By the way, I cannot install the Gantry framework in Wordpress, installation keeps failing
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • If you're having trouble with installation, please post in the appropriate forum.

      Just to jump in on the discussion, I've not seen this thread before. I do support here for both Joomla and WordPress - I was more into Joomla before, then used WP for a long time, now I do most of the WP support here and have multiple sites and projects on both platforms. Both are great, but for different things.

      As far as the CCK stuff goes, all of that is built into the WordPress core. Custom Post Types and Custom Fields are what makes WordPress a great choice for those types of things, as Joomla lacks that functionality by default. You can program it all, but there are some very simple and free plugins to assist - such as:
      Those 2 together do pretty much everything that Zoo does in Joomla, but it's all core WP functions - and those are free. You do have to know, or be willing to learn a bit of PHP and some WordPress functions to code your loop files. As far as coding goes, it's fairly basic.

      Anything with multiple user accounts, ACL, complex content structures and vast amounts of data. Joomla is the better choice. It's backend is more powerful and offers more options for controlling pretty much everything.

      Both are good, both have strengths and both have their own set of headaches to deal with. It's about choosing the right tool for the job. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of both can only help you become a better and more profitable developer and offer your clients better service.
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 3 months ago
    • I've been test-driving Wordpress the last month and I am happy to say that I have overcome most of the difficulties I had with it in the beginning.

      I still find some things quite striking:

      1) Many options that should be offered by Wordpress in some kind of "Global Configuration" or "Article Options" etc are in fact theme-dependent...e.g. the handling of images/featured images, their size, their inclusion in categories/blogs, the homepage or post views...
      These should all be handled in a single configuration page and all the themes should conform to them. Instead these options are left for developers/programmers to include them in their themes.
      Thankfully there are free themes out there that are pro quality and bring all those extra features. My favorite is "Mantra"

      2) The file structure is tragic! No option is given to the user to upload post images in specific folders, at best all images are organized into year and month-based folders. So if you have a lot of posts and may need to use some important archive material from a previous post, good luck locating it while writing a post.
      This is further exacerbated by the fact that several image copies may be created for the existing ones (for different uses) and placed on the same folder as the original one, instead of being kept in a separate folder or a "/cache" folder for that matter...great way to increase the disk space your account occupies!

      3) Tags and Categories cannot have the same slug. Pretty annoying

      4) Tried all major Caching plugins out there and played with their options...they all make my wordpress site more sluggish

      Setting aside the deficiencies, I have found some awesome plugins that either efficiently replace Joomla ones, or do much more than the available Joomla extensions I had installed.
      Youtube Channel Gallery - excellent plugin, works as shortcode and widget to fetch videos from Youtube user account or playlist, with lots of available options. Works without reloading the page when transitioning from video to video.
      Video Thumbnails - I've often found myself in Joomla looking for images for articles whose main content highlight is a video. This plugin retrieves a thumb from the video and displays it as featured image.
      Viper's Video Quicktags - for video integration. Works great with several services (not enough to make it "universal" though) and with the above plugin
      Artiss YouTube Embed - youtube video integration tool, with more options. Can build video lists within the youtube player, saving space and reducing loading times compared to including several separate videos
      Transliterado - a really old plugin meant to transliterate post/page/category/tag slugs into latin. Thankfully still works great. There are others available offering similar functionality for posts, but I think this is among the very few transliterating categories' and tags' slugs.
      External Videos - Great way to integrate Youtube Videos as Posts. Also offers a "gallery" view, which is kind of buggy though with no options.
      Easy Fancybox - Probably the least buggy/incompatibility prone lightbox script I have tried. Loads quickly and has lots of features, including opening pdf files. Percentage-based popup which works best in most cases, supporting mobile devices far better
      Safe Search Replace - Search and Replace content on your site with "Undo" function!
      Related Posts via Taxonomies - Many options for displaying related posts
      Broken Link Checker - Excellent tool to let you know of broken links. Did not know I had so many broken links in my site, saved me from embarrassment.
      Media Library Assistant: Great way to manage your library by categorizing archives by tag and category, with custom and default taxonomies.
      FG Joomla to WordPress - this plugin made it all happen.
      Display widgets: simple and effective manner to control the visibility of widgets by page, category, posts, taxonomies, login status, right from the widget page
      Dynamic Widgets: very powerful, highly customizable, very advanced, very user friendly. Highly recommended.
      Better WP Security: very good all around security plugin. Many (straightforward) options
      BulletProof Security: advanced .htaccess protection. I have both secyrity plugins working together (don't know if I can or should keep just one), they seem to complement each other and cooperate fine.
      Ultimate Security Checker: So, you have installed and configured those security plugins...how do they fare? This is a great plugin to test WP security
      AntiVirus: Check your theme for suspicious code.
      WP Super Cache: the kind of effective caching plugins a novice like me feels comfortable using.
      WP Widget Cache: Complements the previous one for widgets caching control. Contains options for automatic widget cache flushing
      Optimize Database after Deleting Revisions: quite descriptive title, won't you say? Not much to add here.
      Picasa Express x2: Straightforward way to add Picasa galleries to posts, especially for those who don't like typing shortcodes.
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 3 months ago
    • Thanks for that list, CSA! When I do work in Wordpress, I am always wishing for some kind of inside scoop on which plugins are REALLY the best.
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 7 years 3 months ago
    • I know what you mean...I've found it quite challenging "navigating" the plugin ocean of Wordpress. Too many programs, even more bugs and incompatibilities.

      Have yet to find a good enough/properly working plugin for Picasa photo albums to replace the excellent Phoca Gallery and Sigplus of Joomla

      JED is so much better structured and intuitive. You don't know it until you try Wordpress.org site.
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