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Joomla Vs Wordpress

  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    • to OP -

      Wordpress has some similar components, e.g. buddyPress, bbPress etc. These extensions are extremely good, very compatible, and secure enough. however i'd say joomla beats wp at security by almost 10 times. based specifically on experience. wordpress is more likely to be hacked and in the long term users may be happier with joomla. if however your clients are not very advanced or experienced in joomla, definitely go wordpress. joomla will be a pain for ultra-beginners.
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    • I am following along on the discussion still and very interested! Thank you all!
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    • I have been wanting to learn more about WP but have not had the time. This thread is giving me some great info. Thanks to all of you for posting!
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    Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • To me, Joomla is the best CMS, it is natively intended to manage a lot of content, multi-level users more sophisticated, great SEO possibilities, ability to hide and show a module and keep its customization, ability to show a module depending on the section, lots of plugins, great community..etc. But it's very heavy, lots of databases and some serious extensions are missing.
      I recommend it for news website, with a lot of content.

      Wordpress is light, much easier to understand for my writers, focused on blogging, natively SEO friendly and has great plugins. I recommend it for blogging but I'm about to use it for news website cause I need to offer the possibility for my users to open their blog easily (Wordpress does this with WPMU and Joomla doesn't).

      So I'd say it depends on what the project is.
      Before choosing one or the other check the plugins first.

      I don't even mention drupal, which is way above my abilities, took me 1 week to figure out how to create a menu, so I just dropped it, but it would be my choice for a commercial news website.
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • Re writing post with screenshots
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  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • Thanks for all the info Ciaran, like Kathy I have been following along and have a couple of WP sites running just to see how they do. Security has been one of my concerns, one site has already been spanked but I didn't do anything special just wanted to see what happened.

      The end user is the priority, WP seems like it may be easier for the client to use and update which would be nice. Is there anyway to see one of your custom admins for the client, going to try that out.

      I'm in the process of redesigning my site in WP, so I really appreciate all the links and info especially how to put the code into widgets.

      Thanks again!
  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • Hi Kent, security is no problem, I will make a post on that shortly to show you how easy it is to tighten up the reigns. As for the admin side, I will make some screenshots. Is there anything in particular you want to see in admin? Most of my sites I just strip away the areas a client will not want to see when starting off. White label branding is my savior in doing this fast.
  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • No special shots since I don't know much about WP just wanted to see what your clients are seeing!

  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • I am re writing the post to provide screenshots for each small subject I spoke of. It will be a great document for new comers that will want to combine some of these plugins with rocket themes WordPress themes as well.

      Give me a few hours and I will have this ready.
  • Re: Joomla Vs Wordpress

    Posted 8 years 2 months ago
    • OK... here is a bit of a breakdown...

      I generally never post on forums, but since I saw this topic I thought time to give personal advice and my $0.02c....

      Go get a Coffee or Tea, sit back relax and enjoy the read... I don't normally write much either ... lol

      I used Joomla for 3 years, loved it, thought nothing could come close, met Drupal... And fell head over heals in love, found it was much stronger than Joomla when it came to building custom work. Then got tired of it as it seamed nearly everything I wanted to do in Drupal was custom using Views and CCK... Out of the box Drupal can be hard to learn, but a real dream to use in the right hands. It can be used to build anything. I guess the whitehouse decided it would be good for them, and so to with most universities.... Anywhoo... Lets move on to the topic.

      In all this time I explored Wordpress, didn't like it... went back to Joomla. Found Juga to be a real PITA, so explored Wordpress again more in depth this time...

      When you can sit there and say I am in love every day with the latest Wordpress 3.3.1, then you know you have found your home.

      So, what has caused all this loving emotion you might ask?

      I have seen from all the comments above there seems a bit of clarity on a few things.

      It is natively built for SEO in real strength, have a look at wordpress SEO or all in one SEO for wordpress. Moving a site you have built on your own localhost is the easiest so far. All yuo do is install backup buddy, make a simple capture of the site, it writes a small php script in, and you take the zip file, upload it to your new server with the install script .php and presto, you have made a clone in under 5 minutes. I make template sites with all the plugins I need and all the configurations done, then save them with backup buddy. I have made 8-10 complete working template sites (complete running sites for eCommerce, magazine, blogs, comunity site etc etc ready to go as zipped files)... a customer wants a type of site that does this this and this... no problem... look through the descriptions of my zipped sites ready to go, I upload them, and the client site is installed and configured in under 10 mins. I then use the built in editor right inside the admin area to work on the php and css in its own editor without leaving the site. I reskin it rebadge it... Done...

      Now that in itself is the ultimate in power.

      So what else...?

      WPEC and WooCommerce.... 2 extremely strong commerce carts that eat up that strange old and dated beast that Joomla uses. Oh... and if you are a power seller or power shop owner, then you cant go any further than Smart manager for WP e Commerce. It is a 1 page animal for editing all your products, I let my client know about it, they are burning rubber to order it as soon as they can.

      WPMU (WordPress Multi User) codex.wordpress.org/Create_A_Network ... oh wow... this is something else.. you just have to look it up. A small breakdown of what it does... You configure your standard WP site with a few settings in your config file, and all of a sudden you now have a new admin menu called sites.
      You can now build multiple sites of your main domain in minutes. Your users can create an actual website based on your main domain in under 5 minutes. They pick a name they want, and press the big go button... They now have a brand new site, and can use any of the templates you have enabled users to have. Sorry, but you just have to explore it yourself. You would be silly if you didn't.

      You can thank me later when you have found something that you will love like I do.

      Every day is a new experience, and lucky each experience is easy to learn with WP.

      Templating... ahh it is a doddle and so easy compared to the big database hungry beast of Joomla.

      @Kathy Rose... why would you want to go into the widgets to write code? Nobody does that... lol. You just drag the widgets that are there ready to use into the area you like. If you want to place HTML in there... no problem. Make a new post in WP using your editor, upload images, text, links etc, then press the html button, copy all the code it made for you, and paste it in a text widget.. all done.

      It is all so simple compared to going into the module of Joomla to do anything... argh.. I just can't imagine doing that anymore in Joomla.

      Now for my all time secrets as a freelance web builder, building some very advanced sites using these themes and plugins.

      For all those that really want to see something so powerful that you will not believe it is made for WP, go and check out these few modules and 2 themes that let you build however you want with drag drop functions.

      :arrow: Feature rich drag and drop template. It is so easy to build a very complex site with this template. Take a look at the template, then have a look at my own site. You will see what I mean by it contains some very advanced yet easy to manage functions all built directly in the theme.
      A extremely easy template to build a site however you like. Have built my own site with this.
      cmwwebfx.com.au (have a look at my portfolio... all site there are in WP btw) I love this theme because it offers me as many slideshows as I want and the portfolio has a built in slideshow. the other advantage of this theme is that it doesn't need any plugins to do what I have built, the functions are all built into the one theme..

      :arrow: Same as the theme above, but this is a plugin function to place on any theme you like to create a drag and drop page builder for whatever you can imagine. It is your imagination that will be the only limit on this plugin. And for only a few bucks, it is worth getting for your next project. You will thank me for this one thats for sure.
      A drag and drop interface for building up custom pages however you like and on any theme you like. I have used this on numerous sites, and ohhh so easy to make a complex site.

      :arrow: This is the most powerful of all plugins when it comes to managing a web store. Imagine managing 1000 products? Who would want to edit each product on a its own product page? NOT ME, I prefer to do all my products on one ajax page. Oh so simple, yet so advanced. joy to the world to those developers for building these types of high quality plugins.
      Smart manager.... watch the movie, it speaks for itself. If this doesn't blow you away, nothing will.

      :arrow: What can I say, this on page editor for building out pages and wireframes in just minutes is mind blowingly fast. It is extremely light weight, yet a heavy weight in the boxing ring of plugins.
      Another page builder, but this one is more advanced, and wow, it really rocks. Watch the demo movies to see for yourselves. You can build some extremely advanced pages in minutes, paste custom code in some areas if you wish.. There seems to be no limitations, just your imagination.

      :arrow: Well... you have read how I can build sites, save them as a template, then make fresh installs of the site in many servers inside of 5 minutes. This is the gold mine of them all, and franky I wouldn't build a site without this plugin. Setup the tasks of creating a backup and it will send your backup to dropbox or the cloud, or even ready to download. Scheduled smartess is what this is, and makes for migrating a task without the headache!!
      Create a few template sites with all the plugins installed, export them to dropbox inside the plugin. Migrate them to a new server, run the script, and presto.. new site installed in 5 minutes.

      :arrow: For those of us that love to build out our own templates, but don't know where to start? Well here is the template framework you have dreamt of. I use this to build more advanced themes as the template builder is unbelievably intuitive. I could go on and on about this, but best you have a look at the powerful features it has built in. Oh, might I add the support for the theme is so responsive,and will actually help you with custom coding and a great explanation of how to do some things. I asked him to help me with a very advanced menu, and next day there was the coding, and all the screen-shots of how and why each bit of code was used. Almost like going to school to be taught some fantastic coding and themeing.
      Multitoool is the most advanced theme ever built. it is more an advanced framework for WP. You can build any theme you like with this right from its extremely intuitive web interface and custom editor. It even has a built in CSS editor to get your site looking however you like. On that page there are a few movies to watch to see what this theme/framework can do. it will ultimately impress you like there is no tomorrow.

      :arrow: Want to create items for sale using a pricing table? This one comes with some very fancy functions, slides and built in themes. it even has special badges for the tables. Well, I use it for web design pricing, and works a real treat. Only a few dollars, but oh so worth it. You'll thank me for this for sure!
      Pricing tables on steroids. Click, install, activate... the admin page for the tables are so easy, your grandma could do it while knitting and making tea at the same time.

      8) FORGET JUGGA...!!!! 8)

      :arrow: Here is the simple beast that makes a mockery of Joomla and Jugga. Simply upload, make it active, and whalla... the white labeling is done. You now have your own solution to give your clients. Then for those that want to clean up the admin area for their clients, this is easy, you can control everything in the admin with very VERY fine granular control on what they see. You can even make some admin boxes to show on the admin page to welcome them and tell them what they should do in the admin area. It is extremely feature packed.
      one more thing to add to this, you can customise the login nicely with your own business logo to really make the site your professional solution for the client. Then go ahead and customise the look of the admin area with your own branding. All of this is simple to do with great user interface.
      Completely witelabel your admin and website as your own framework, and then go ahead and make new users, set permissions in an incredibly easy way, yet so advanced features... Oh boy, I am really spilling all my secrets now!!
      Now here are some screenshots of only a few settings that you can use...

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      So now you can go design your own dashboard logo and label the admin as your own.
      Hows that for brilliant. There are many small tick boxes to hide menu items and function by default, as well as make a new admin ole and make a setting of what is shown for that admin. It really is so simple. Unlike Jugga with settings from hell compared to this.

      :arrow: Now for the secret of secrets... please do not let your clients know about this one!! this is the eCommerce site with everything built in to the functions that you will ever need. Especially designed for eCommerce site. Sell 10 products, sell 2000 products, this theme combined with WooCommerce and WP eCommerce is all you will ever need. You can customise every nut and bolt if you want on the backend with easy colour changes, image backgrounds etc... the list goes on with this one. I build all my ecommerce solutions with this one, and every single one looks unique.
      The most advanced yet simple theme with all the functions built in for white label and ecommerce cart. it uses WPEC (WP E Commerce) and also theme ready tomorrow I believe for WooCommerce. the support on the theme is out of this world, and will nearly jump over backwards to help where they can. If the extra coding is more advanced, they use a few developers to crack up something for you. I have yet to find another developer that will do that apart from here at rocket themes of course.

      So there you have it, I have spilled the beans on some better kept secrets. And I promised I wouldn't place all the links, but I got carried away. Does it show I am in love?

      Feel free to contact me on my contact page at cmwwebfx.com.au, I will be glad to help out fellow developers get across the WP hurdle with remote support free of course.
      Feel free to continue to use joomla, but when you have more advanced features and functions built right into the themes with WP, why wouldn't you jump ship and enjoy the cruise while sipping cocktails.

      Take care,


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