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SEO. New Aproach in link building?

    • Yevgen Joura's Avatar

    SEO. New Aproach in link building?

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • Thats what this guys offer:

      When you register for the service we collect some basic details about your website and then suggest a small number of sites for you to link to. Once you have added the links to your site we send our automated spider to verify that the links have been added correctly. As soon as your links are validated your website is added to the queue of available link partners and will be suggested when new users sign up for the service.

      If you choose to display 20 outbound links on your website we will issue credits for 40 links. Your site will remain in the link partner queue until we have verified that 40 sites have added your link.

      The links are added to each site as plain html hyperlinks. There are no scripts to install and no 'footprint' meaning that the links are totally indistinguishable from normal text links. Every link to your website contains the anchor text of your choice and is placed on a website in the country and category that you have chosen.

      Every outbound link we ask you to display on your website will be to a website with the same or lower PageRank than your site. This means that every link to your website will be from a site with the same or higher PageRank than your site.


      * Gain static text links to your website
      * Improve search engine rankings
      * Links are relevant and geo-targetted
      * No scripts to install
      * Search engine friendly & no 'footprint'
      * You receive twice as many links as you give

      How it works

      * Register your account
      * Add your url, category and country
      * Choose the sites you want to link to
      * Your site is added to the link queue
      * Gain good quality backlinks to your website

      I think it will be VERY usefull for all of us check this out. That is not my site but im registered. They just opened so everybody got good chances! Atleast webmasters from many forums are happy 8)

      Please use this link if you decided to register

    • Lee's Avatar

    Re: SEO. New Aproach in link building?

    Posted 14 years 6 months ago
    • Anything with the word pyramid in it makes me back away

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