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Finding an ISP to host Joomla site

  • Re: Finding an ISP to host Joomla site

    Posted 14 years 5 months ago
    • Andy Miller wrote:
      APC makes a huge difference. Most hosting companies have no PHP optimizers, some might have zend which does help, but APC is in a completely different league. I've been talking to the good folks at Rochen who manage our joomla.org servers. Those are super busy servers, with something like 500 requests per second, and after I told them about APC and they installed it they LOVE it. Server loads dropped dramatically, response speed increased and basically they can handle more requests. with APC they see upwards of 99.5% cache hit, that means that only .5% of all calls are not coming right from the APC cache.

      Anyway enough of that, I used to use phpwebhosting for my personal site, and while they were fast and offered ssh, and pretty much no limits, they did start to get slower, and slower and slower. With my dedicated server, I just didn't need that hassle any more.

      Andy... what is APC? Do you have a informational link?
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    Re: Finding an ISP to host Joomla site

    Posted 14 years 5 months ago
    • Dan Gamber wrote:
      Andy... what is APC? Do you have a informational link?

      To find out more about APC just google APC and PHP. There are plenty of resources sources out there.
      onno de jong wrote:
      I have the feeling that my current ISP is a cause of a rather pokey Joomla experience. I was wondering what experience people have had with their ISPs hosting Joomla sites.

      I have my own server from ServerMatrix that I use for test sites and ya just can't beat a dedi server. I also resell for godaddy and have a couple of my sites there and have never had a perf. problem. I'd gladly have you host with me ;) .. BUT, I believe there are SEF issues with hosting there. I DID have a performance problem on one of my sites but someone somewhere (sorry I can't find a link) had posted a fix with the htaccess file. It did something with the images that slowed the site down. Once I made the change life was good..

      I've also had accounts at Hostgator as someone else has mentioned and personally, wasn't happy with the support. The first two contacts usually didn't understand the problem and down time was longer than it should have been.. BUT, it seems as soon as you post to the forum the management gets involved and things get resolved quickly. They really try to make the experience as good as possible and I think are just going through growing pains.

      A good thing to do is see of the host has a community that guests can post questions and ask for members that have Joomla sites. You can also visit forum.joomla.org/index.php/topic,6856.0.html to see some possible hosts.

      Another idea might be that most hosts allow 30days trial. Sign up, throw up a test site and see how you like it.. ???
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    Re: Finding an ISP to host Joomla site

    Posted 14 years 5 months ago
    • There are so many choices. I only had phpwebhosting to compare with godaddy, but the difference is that everything I do on the back end now takes less than a second, whereas with phpwebhosting the performance hit slowed me down enough to begin this post in the first place. Given the smooth performance of Godaddy, I think I will stay there, as it appears to work well and they have good support (I can call them if I need to, and they actually answer the phone.) I will report back if I run into problems.

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