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?is my site outdated ?

  • ?is my site outdated ?

    Posted 6 years 2 weeks ago
    • Looking at the new templates I am wondering if my site www.vip-wedding-hawaii.com is outdated? It's one of the older templates and the Joomla version it works with is 2.4.24 I am wondering if I should create a new site with one of the latest templates or if it is worth updating my context.
      My questions are: A. are the newer sites better for SEO?
      B. Do they load faster?
      C. what would be the advantage redoing my site with the new Nuance template?
      Is there a way to upgrade my existing template to Joomla 3?

      Thanks Angy
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    Re: ?is my site outdated ?

    Posted 6 years 2 weeks ago
    • A. No better or worse as it largely depends on your content
      B. They tend to be a bit more complex and can load slightly slower by most things can be fixed using rokbooster and other optimisations
      C. Nuance uses the flex box model, so it does make things slightly easier to get equal module heights etc and of course you also get responsive layout and side panel etc etc. All the templates still work on modern browser IE8+ firefox, chrome etc.
      D. If you update all Rt products to latest on 2.5. then your can move to J3.3 (provided template is compatible with J3 and that your hosting environment meets the requirements of J3).

      Regards, Mark.
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