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Oelevator - Callisto - Gantry 5

  • Oelevator - Callisto - Gantry 5

    Posted 4 years 5 months ago
    • Hi,

      I went through the Gantry 5 learning curve and I like it, how fast and simple we can develop sites.


      I have just one question, what tool do you recommend best to optimize SEO for Gantry5?

      Thank you for your comments.
  • Re: Oelevator - Callisto - Gantry 5

    Posted 4 years 4 months ago
    • Nice Website.

      {Creo que Gantry como plataforma no esta relacionado con SEO, el SEO se debe tratar a nivel de Joomla y del contenido.}
    • Hugo Avila
      Paginas Web

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