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Particle Portability

  • Particle Portability

    Posted 5 months 1 day ago
    • I searched the forum on this and found several answers - one was 11 months old and others went way over my head. So at the risk of being redundant, maybe getting a complete and current answer here will help others.

      Are Particles portable - can they be installed into templates that were not packaged with them?

      Based on my research, the answer is "sometimes", but that's not entirely helpful.

      Wasn't it the point of the Gantry framework that Particles and Atoms would be like a library that could be added to all Gantry 5 templates?

      I don't see any kind of install process for them, so my assumption is that the answer - at least in terms of a one-step process - is no.

      Specifically, I want to install the Pricing Table Particle, which I discovered in the Fluent template, into the Ambrosia template.

      Is this going to be a problem, or is there some clever trick or step-by-step process for installing Particles that won't break the website and that I'm capable of doing without heavy coding or hacking that will get overwritten in an update?

      Thank you,

      PS: There's not a Gantry 6 in the near future that I'm going to need to contend with, is there? I'm moving about two-dozen sites out of Gantry 4 templates in preparation for the Joomla 4 release in January.
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    Re: Particle Portability

    Posted 5 months 1 day ago
    • If you want to know how to copy a Gantry 5 particle from one template to another please read my tutorial here in Gantry 5 Official Documentation here .

      Regards, Mark.
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