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SOLVED Osmosis for WordPress

  • SOLVED Osmosis for WordPress

    Posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
    • My site under construction, presently using Osmosis for Joomla, has two technically distinct parts, say Interior and Exterior. The Interior section has no Login, all of it is site-related stuff, and articles by the site staff. The Exterior section is meant for any regd user -- to post things, commenting on postings, etc. This is a tough job at Joomla. Wordpress is the right script for it.

      I have fiddled with Wordpress but never used it to build a running site. However, when I checked the demo of Osmosis for WP, I was surprised. It looks like my Joomla Osmosis -- very different from WP's "Hello, world". So I was wondering whether the backend or Admin would be more or less the same to work with? -- From changing accent colors to creating articles and categories? Would it accommodate a multi-blog arrangement with BuddyPress and all?

      Can you please make me wise to it?
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    Re: SOLVED Osmosis for WordPress

    Posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
    • WP osmosis looks similar to Joomla Osmosis and Gantry 4 works in a very similar manner. However, WP itself does things very differently to Joomla and moving from one to the other you may find confusing.

      Joomla has ACL and that will allow you to setup "interior" and "exterior" pages fairly easily - especially if you use an extension such as ACLManager (which makes ACL easier to understand).

      Regards, Mark.
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  • Re: SOLVED Osmosis for WordPress

    Posted 10 months 3 weeks ago
    • What was in my mind was that there won't be any organic connection between the two parts, except in looks. I create the Exterior in WP, and a top menu item in the Joomla section (interior) will lead to it. The two sections don't share any articles or categories. They will be under two different sub-domains of my domain. And ACL is a paid extention. Anyway, I will think about it. I have to study ACL. Thanks for the suggestion, Mark.

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