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SOLVED RSS Feed for RT Product Updates

  • SOLVED RSS Feed for RT Product Updates

    Posted 1 year 1 week ago
    • We use the RocketTheme update RSS in Outlook. I just wanted to point out that on the feed, the RokSprocket update from February 11 is misdated and it shows up as November 2 (which hasn't happened yet). Also would it be possible for the Joomla themes to have whether they are for Gantry 4 or 5? We still have a lot of Gantry 4 sites still running as well as Gantry 5 and it would be helpful to see which the updates are for since most of the time is it for one or the other but we can't tell by looking at feed. Thanks.
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    Re: SOLVED RSS Feed for RT Product Updates

    Posted 1 year 1 week ago
    • If a template is for both Gantry 4 and Gantry 5 then the version number for Gantry 4 begins with a "1" and the version number for Gantry 5 begins with a "2" so it's easy to see which Framework the template is for. Also, all new template releases (rather than ports) are for Gantry 5 since callisto template.

      Also, you might want to consider the "rokcheck" extension (available on our extensions page for Joomla only). This extension adds a panel to your joomla control panel that will tell you when a new version of any template you hjave installed is available.

      Thanks for letting us know about the incorrect date format on that item - we'll get that corrected asap.

      Regards, Mark.
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  • Re: SOLVED RSS Feed for RT Product Updates

    Posted 11 months 4 weeks ago
    • Thanks for letting me know. I didn't see rokcheck before - had to figure out it was listed under utilities. Thanks - will put that in all our sites.

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