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Template Galatea 2 languages

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    Template Galatea 2 languages

    Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
    • Hello,

      I am currently translating a website into 2 languages.
      I work with the template galatea and the website is running in German, now I'm also creating the website in English (localhost).

      In the "bottom" I have put an info list, of course the links have to be there in English too. (Screenshot attached)
      Is it possible to change the info list in the template style in languages or do I have to create module positions and use modules (Info-List)here?

      Many thanks Traudel
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    Re: Template Galatea 2 languages

    Posted 8 months 2 weeks ago
    • Please read this tutorial on multi-language set-up in Gantry 5 http://docs.gantry.org/gantry5/tutorials/multilingual-site

      It depends...

      If you want to use separate outlines for your pages then you can just put the particle directly on the layout of that outline. If you want to minimise the number of outlines (by sharing them for several pages) then that might push you towards using module positions on the layout of your outline and assigning the language specific modules to that position.

      You can also use inhertitance too to minimise duplication (see Gantry 5 docs).

      Regards, Mark.
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