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copying or moving outlines

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    copying or moving outlines

    Posted 1 year 8 months ago
    • I have the isotope theme
      I have installed the standalone Notio template
      I assigne the Notio outline to a new menu item I created in isotope
      The problem I have is the standalone Notio template only includes the home page outline not the others like the about us page outline.
      I want to use one of the particles from the about us page in Notio
      I also want to use the exact layout of the "This is who we are" particle
      I thought the best way would be to move the outline from the Notio about us outline
      By following the instructions in the doc docs.gantry.org/gantry5/tutorials/moving-between-themes
      When i extracted the Notio rocketlauncher zip file and went to the custom folder with the outlines there it shows me these folders in screencap
      Of course I have no way of knowing which folder is the correct one for the aboutus outline so I just grabbed 221 and 223 and uploaded it into the notio outline folder in my ftp as shown below

      When I now go to the CMS outline manager I dont see any new outlines or the 221 and 223 outline?
      As shown in the screencap

      What am I missing or what did I do wroung?

      Thank you
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    Re: copying or moving outlines

    Posted 1 year 8 months ago
    • You can't copy an outline between different themes because the outline presets (on which an outline is based) and unique to that theme.

      If you want to use particles from one template in another template then you copy the particle not the outline. If you want to know how to copy a Gantry 5 particle from one template to another please read my tutorial here in Gantry 5 Official Documentation here .

      Regards, Mark.
    • Please search forums before posting. Please make sure your post includes the version of the CMS you are using and a link to the problem. Annotations on screenshots can also be helpful to explain problems/goals. Please use the "secure" tab for confidential information.

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