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Traditional Theme

  • Traditional Theme

    Posted 8 months 4 weeks ago
    • I built my site (asbn.ca) with Gantry4 and had some css help to add a background image to the header in different categories.
      Then I updated G4 and those changes can no longer be used.
      That was two months ago.
      I am now learning G5 and appears that I have only two template choices.
      I can't find an 'old style' template with a header where I can use a background image as well as add module positions and have the main navigation below the header.
      Okay, I am a traditionalist with no coding experience.
      I've been playing with Helium with header background image capabilities but navigation is at top and Hydrogen with correct section positions but no image capabilities.
      I tried to add the image selector to Hydrogen as outlined in the documentation but I didn't do something right and it doesn't work.
      Is there another old style template I can use?
      I could use your sggestions.
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    Re: Traditional Theme

    Posted 8 months 4 weeks ago
    • Any of the Gantry 5 themes can be made to appear like any of the old G4 themes. One of the strengths of Gantry 5 is that you can add positions wherever you like on the layout of ytour outline. There are also a raft of alternative section layout available under the "load" button on the layout of your outline.

      The css useed in g4 will NOT be applicable to G5 themes because the structure of the html is completely different.

      Helium includes a "Gantry 4" layout preset too. As with any chosen template though you innevitably will need to use custom CSS to do styling alterations to suit your needs.

      Regards, Mark.
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