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Question of G future

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    Question of G future

    Posted 9 months 1 week ago
    • Hi there

      I use both Gantry5 and Gantry4

      Recently I have had to redo a few sites as clients wanted to have some control but G5 is just way too much for some people to learn (and I respect that.. I'm not here to teach but to provide a service for them)

      So what can I expect from G4 in terms of support in the future.

      I noticed all instructions for site duplication hae been removed. No problem because I generally use 3rd party widgets etc for effects but for technical support and security updates I need to remain realistic.

      Will there be support updates for a while or should I find something more "G4ish" for those clients who simply want it that simple?

      If the latter do you know of anything more like g4 (understand I generally use G5 but need to respect what clients what in certain cases so it's a legit questoin and it's my thinking that you would know more about whats out there for the one or two cases that really do need to keep it simpler)

      Thanks for your help
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    Re: Question of G future

    Posted 9 months 1 week ago

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