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Change Gantry 4 theme to Gantry 5

  • Change Gantry 4 theme to Gantry 5

    Posted 1 month 1 week ago
    • Hi, I have a website using Chimera with Gantry 4, and now is time to move to Gantry 5, so I downloaded Chimera for Gantry 5, deactivated Gantry 4, installed Gantry 5 and activated the theme for gantry 5, but I see the overrides and widget are lost, as a totally new theme. The content is there, but the options and overrides are lost and there is no way to import them.

      I did a search in the forums and it looks like there is no way to move an published website from gantry 4 to gantry 5. Really? So, do I have to rebuild all the options and overrides structure, like building the website again? Is there some sort of plugin or guide to export those overrides and options from one version to another?

      Please help.
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    Re: Change Gantry 4 theme to Gantry 5

    Posted 1 month 1 week ago
    • That's correct, there is no migration path from Gantry 4 to Gantry 5 (even if you use the same named template). The two frameworks are completely different and the whole workflow and method of implementing functionality is totally different. You do have to start over. No, there is no export/import facility.

      Regards, Mark.
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