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Logo and Imageset

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    Logo and Imageset

    Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    • I have decided to use Afterburner.

      I have followed the directions setting it up, however I cannot find where to change the logo, and I made some adjustments to the dark imageset uploaded it, installed it and switched to said set and they are not showing.
    • Any time I am asking for assistance I am referring to http://www.torocast.com unless I state otherwise thank you!
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    Re: Logo and Imageset

    Posted 10 years 7 months ago
    • As far i understand with image set you did not installed it! I had the same thing, when you upload 2 folders afterburner and afterburner_dark_imageset you go to:
      ACP - Styles - Style management - Styles = and you install the afterburner
      but you also need to install imageset and you can do it here:
      ACP - Styles - Style components - Imagesets = and you install afterburner_dark_imageset!
      That i think will solve your issue :cheesy: ! Sorry for my english, not my primary language!

      And the logo, for example you using light4 style. To edit logo you need edit this file yourdomain.com/phpBB3/styles/afterburner...me/images/light4.png
      phpBB3 can be named different this is where you have a root of your forum!

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