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custom.css, max-width, etc...

  • custom.css, max-width, etc...

    Posted 6 years 3 months ago
    • Kind of important things are missing in After Burner 2...

      I have been a long time RocketThemes visitor, buyer, contributor, hell I have even moderated for a couple of months, because of the quality of RT, I cannot believe such a minor thing is missing from the RocketThemes PHP Templates.

      It isn't hard to put a custom.css in the /styles/afterburner2/theme folder with a note:

      Use this file to add custom CSS to your theme

      Then in the overall_header.html the very last stylesheet to load should be:
      <link href="{T_THEME_PATH}/custom.css" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

      Pretty simple, this way you can easily upgrade your templates without loosing any of your modifications. Now the main reason this rant has started is because I thought I would try out this AfterBurner2 because it fit my needs for a personal site I am doing.

      Becuase this is going to be a community of Theme developers for and Android app, I wanted to have the ability to have larger than normal avatars. Here is the catch... People from PHPBB just GRABS the size of the image and uses its full size in the viewtopic.php:

      <!-- IF postrow.POSTER_AVATAR -->
         <!-- IF postrow.U_POST_AUTHOR --><a href="{postrow.U_POST_AUTHOR}">{postrow.POSTER_AVATAR}</a>
         <!-- ELSE -->{postrow.POSTER_AVATAR}
         <!-- ENDIF --><br />
      <!-- ENDIF -->

      So, now I have to make CORE changes to PHPBB? That is not a very good idea unless you want to be stuck with that version for a REALLY long time.

      I simply added:

      .postprofile img{
          max-width: 90px;

      inside the custom.css, and volia... Done!

      RT, really I have been kind of screaming this for quite sometime now, you really need to have a blanket custom.css file unless you are expecting everyone to not make any modifications to your CSS files.

      Just my opinion...
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    Re: custom.css, max-width, etc...

    Posted 6 years 3 months ago
    • Thanks Jeff. I think it's a good idea, we may consider adding file like that in the future. Thanks ! :)
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