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ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

  • ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • Hi Guys,

      I've installed the ROKBB3 in phpBB3 (3.0.11). I have the submenus setup and both the Quasar and Global config links appear in the General Tab.

      Both config pages appear intact and I can change their configurations, however upon clicking submit there is no change to the front end. The selected changes in the config are saved but there appears to be no effect. Quasar is the only active template (and default obviously).

      I have "Enable ROKBB3" set to yes. For the heck of it, RokBox too. I've cleared the cache, refreshed and swapped browsers without logging. No changes.

      Any ideas?
  • Re: ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • So I removed all the files (it was the rokbb3_free I had installed), removed the category and cleared the cache. Then I copied the rokbb3 member version into my forum folder and re-created the modules for global config and quasar.

      The changes I make to the config still have no effect on the layout of the site. I have the Enable set to YES in both global and quasar menus.

  • Re: ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

    Posted 7 years 4 months ago
    • Ok,
      So I worked this out. The problem is that I was trying to use the phpBB menu to change the layout from style 1 to style 4. Now that I'm a member, the Quasar template includes styles 2, 4 and 6. Upon deleting the quasar style and uploading the full set I was able to select the imageset for style 4, which is what I was trying to do from the quasar menu.

      Then, in the quasar menu I can change the parameters of the template itself, once i have the proper style installed. I imagine I would have been able to do the same with the default style 1, but I didn't try that since what I wanted was the default style 4 layout.

      So in the end, being a member solved the issue.
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    Re: ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

    Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    • If you don't see any changes in your forum, even when you are trying various settings using RokBB3 then this might be a cache issue. Please check following solutions:
      - Purge the cache using phpBB3 ACP. This option is located on the main screen in the General tab.
      - go to your forum and hit Reset Settings at the bottom of your forum.
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  • Re: ROKBB3 "submit" makes no changes to template

    Posted 6 years 11 months ago
    • I have the same problem. No changes through the RokBB module are applied. Caches emptied.

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