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phpBB3 Quasar Menu

  • phpBB3 Quasar Menu

    Posted 8 years 3 months ago
    • Hi,

      I am unable to get the rokNavMenu from my site to appear in my Forum.

      I have installed the forum in: root/forum
      I have installed the rokNavExporter

      joomla version 2.5.3
      phpBB3 version 3.0.10
      rokNavMenu Mod version 1.10

      the joomla_menu_header.inc etc files are empty.

      I have tried an unistall and reinstall of the exporter.

      Any help appreciated.


      EDIT: Does anyone have any ideas?
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    Re: phpBB3 Quasar Menu

    Posted 7 years 9 months ago
    • same problem here =/
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    • Karol Orzel
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    Re: phpBB3 Quasar Menu

    Posted 7 years 2 months ago
    • 1) What joomla tempalte are you using ?
      2) Joomla website has to be open (not in maintenance mode)
      3) Quasar joomla has to be set in Joomla as well in order to export Joomla Menu correctly.
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  • Re: phpBB3 Quasar Menu

    Posted 5 years 11 months ago
    • I'm having the same issue here in 2014...I'm however using the Diametric Template with Joomla 3.3 and phpBB3 with the Diametric template...and sadly my menus aren't carrying over into the Diametric phpBB forum navigation bar. Upon investigating, I've learned that my joomla_menu_header.inc file is empty (which can't be good/right?), however my guest_joomla_menu.inc and reg_joomla_menu.inc files seem to be beautifully populating my menu content. I've checked the file permissions via FTP and all 3 of these aforementioned files are set to 664 so I dont think theres any kind of file writing issue going on that would be permission related. Can anyone please advise on why my joomla_menu_header.inc file is empty? Can I manually input code into it to get it working, or can someone explain why this file would remain empty? Thanks in advance for any input!

      (Oh and yes my templates are "active"/default in both Joomla and phpBB3, RokBB3 is installed and enabled as is RokNavMenu_Exporter...RokNavMenu is installed and enabled however I'm not sure if I'm supposed to set my Main (Home) Menu into a RokNavMenu module or if the gantry framework automagically handles this?) Once more my guest_joomla_menu.inc and reg_joomla_menu.inc files are populating with my menu structure so thats probably a moot point.

      I've thoroughly followed these instructions: www.rockettheme.com/docs/phpbb/start/sty...ministrative-modules
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  • Re: phpBB3 Quasar Menu

    Posted 5 years 11 months ago
    • FYI... I needed to make sure that within the rockettheme RokBB3 forum settings...that within phpBB Admin Console => Styles => RocketTheme Styles => Global Configuration and under "Joomla menu path" it actually needed to be "../" (without quotes)...those two DOTS (..) before the forward slash really count if your Joomla install is one folder above your forum install folder...For awhile I was trying JUST a naked forward slash "/" and it wasnt working. otherwise you really need to ensure your path is 110% correct, even if you need to try your absolute root path like "/var/sites/username/public_html/" and so forth depending on your host. Also be sure to clear our your cache within forum/cache folder (delete all the files in the cache) and try refreshing your browser to make this work.

      Once you get your menu displaying...if you're seeing a mobile menu instead of your normal menu, please see this thread...hopefully that problem will get resolved at some point very soon. www.rockettheme.com/forum/joomla-extensi...enu?start=10#1119408
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