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SOLVED afterburner 2-1.8

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    Re: SOLVED afterburner 2-1.8

    Posted 1 year 4 months ago
    • I've no idea - you need to ask the developers of JCE. What I did notice is that you see to have two plugins of the same name and one is out of date?

      Regards, Mark.
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  • Re: SOLVED afterburner 2-1.8

    Posted 1 year 4 months ago
    • mmm you are right... I will delete all JCE and install from zero.

      I think I know what happened now. First I installed and obsolete version of JCE and secondly system asked me to update it. There I found an error, so I downloaded last version of JCE and installed again. Maybe in that process something went wrong.

      Anyway issue is solved, again all because of your kind and professional help.

      Thank you a lot I aprreciate very much your help.

      Have a good evening and regards from Granada.

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