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SOLVED RokCommon not updating

  • SOLVED RokCommon not updating

    Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago
    • I'm trying to install an update for RokSprocket. It won't install because it requires RokCommon 3.2.6 and has only found RokCommon 3.2.5 - correct. I click joomla to find updates but it cannot find that RokCommon needs an update. So I go to Rockettheme.com and search extension downloads and find a line item: " RokCommon 3.2.6 Joomla Extension RokCommon is now a separate plugin, PHP7 fixes 08/22/2018"

      When I click on that line it only takes me to the RokSprocket page, where the cycle starts again. I cannot find the RokCommon page. How do I get RokCommon updated?
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    Re: SOLVED RokCommon not updating

    Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago
    • Go to the extensions page of our site and on the roksprocket or rokgallery tiles you will find the rokcommon 3.2.6 version for download. download it and install in extensions manager - then you will be able to update roksrpocket/rokgallery as normal.

      Regards, Mark.
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  • Re: SOLVED RokCommon not updating

    Posted 10 months 2 weeks ago
    • Thank you. Easy when you know how. Found and uploaded the module, and update has worked successfully.
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