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Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

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    Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    • Not all templates should look like World of Warcraft clan sites. There are a variety of purposes for these templates and Syndicate definitely fits some of those purposes. There was a dire need for an updated news site template and it has now been met.

      Good work, folks. I haven't found any major issues yet. I'll be banging away at this for the near future.

      I agree that it was probably time for a news site and I definitely would not want every template looking like a gamer site but...everybody does have a point in that it isnt exactly looking like cutting edge "taking design to new heights".

      I would love for Rockettheme to come up with something that might blow away the BBC site but I feel more time was spent on getting the 16 grid working rather than on design, which IMHO, is similar to what happened when Reaction was released as in more time spent getting Gantry to work as it should rather than making it look beautiful.

      I probably won't use this template but will be looking forward to seeing the new features implemented in the future templates incorporated into more in depth design. 8)
  • Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    • It reminds me a little of Versatility III and IV which although were good at the time are now dated.

      The Omnicron template was brilliant - the best template I've seen anywhere in a long time and seemed to set the standard. I was kind of hoping to see that continue but Syndicate looks like a step back a few years - sorry.

      Oh well, roll on next month!
  • Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    • As you can see there are many people that like the new template and others that do not like it, it is really hard to keep everyone happy, everyone has different tastes and expectations on each month release, i`m the new web designer who joined RT lately and the latest two designs were mine, i see that many people like those and that gives me motivation to continue working hard on the next designs, i totally accept your comment because it is just your opinion and taste, but i would like to get more feedback on that, what you do like and you do not? that would help me a lot to understand the weak points on the design so i can keep in mind for the future designs!
      Hi Vasjen,
      In the main, it is visually similar to the basic gantry template... module design, the menu ... I don`t like that logo with all black, cut this area and looks strange.
      Personally I like simple sites, with elegant details such as Zephyr, Crystalline and design options high, medium and low background level that don`t currently include... Another feature that I like to see again.
      I work with web standards and conventions, RT has great design magazine like Solar sentinel, Terran tribune or Sporticus and all follow the standard magazine like e.g. cnn.com web site.
      Syndicate may be an innovation, but I think he lacks web magazine standardization.

      It`s just my personal opinion, some people will like the design and not others ... I have no doubt that the next design will be great! :cheesy:

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  • Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    • I would like to say that I think you did an amazing job. It is good to have a mainstreamed purpose site. Not saying that the big, glam, sexy sites aren't good. I'm glad you took a chance with going back the basics. I love it!
  • Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 9 years 2 months ago
    • Hah, at first look at the demo, it's not quite impressive. But if you look at the potential, you can't imagine the things that you can do with this template. And just like panacea, you have the ability to make both header and footer either fluid or wrapped.

      Plus, the paddings this time were reduced, which is great.

      Good work Vasjen and thank you Rocketheme Team.
  • Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 8 years 11 months ago
    • Great!
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    Re: Syndicate October 2010 Template Released!

    Posted 8 years 8 months ago
    • I shied away from this template for a while because it DID look a little dated, but after having developed a number of news sites for clients since then, I find I am back. And suddenly the Syndicate is looking pretty good-- and mostly BECAUSE it is more true to the look and feel of the traditional news site. It just goes to show: different strokes for different folks!!! Good work!!!
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