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RTv3 Launch Date + Downtime

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    RTv3 Launch Date + Downtime

    Posted 6 years 5 months ago
    • RocketTheme version 3.0 coming soon!

      Hey all, as you probably all know we've been working on a brand new version of the RocketTheme site (codenamed RTv3). This process has actually been in development for nearly 2 years, but the hard-core re-coding started about a year ago. We had originally planned to launch in the fall of last year, but that was just not feasible, and we delayed a few more months.

      We're now ready to launch, and we've set the date for this coming Friday, the 7th of February,
      7AM MST / 2PM GMT

      The expectation is that we will be down for approximately 6 hours while we migrate everything, but it could go as long as 12 hours if we encounter any unexpected issues (see: www.rockettheme.com/blog/team/232-extensive-rtv2-postmortem when we did this the last time)

      Key New Features
      • New responsive design (on Gantry of course)
      • Simplified structure and navigation to make things easier to find and access
      • New forum based on Kunena (Heavily modified to have the features we need)
      • Extensive new documentation area. Based on GitHub and Markdown to allow for easy contribution
      • Powerful and Fast site-wide search based on ElasticSearch server
      • Forum search also powered by ElasticSearch for superior quality results
      • New club system that allows for purchase of multiple items, purchase of individual items such as templates, better order management, new Stripe payment processor, and more configurable rules system for discounts, promos etc.
      • New demo setup that pulls directly from our unified content system
      • Much, much more!!!

      There will inevitably be some speed bumps and issues, but we've done extensive testing and our ticket management system has over 700 tickets that we've squashed! We will be monitoring things very closely after we launch so please make sure you report any problems you find, and we'll get them sorted ASAP.

      You will be able to use your contact page, or just mention it here in the forum.

      Discuss Here: www.rockettheme.com/forum/index.php?f=2&t=216865&rb_v=viewtopic

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