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Joomla 3.1.4 and broken extensions

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    Joomla 3.1.4 and broken extensions

    Posted 7 years 2 weeks ago
    • Hello all,

      While we have always advised against using Short Term Support versions of Joomla for live sites, we know there will always be some people who want to be at the forefront, the early adopters.

      Please note that the latest Joomla update - 3.1.4 - has caused problems for some people. If you have extensions that are not working and you have upgraded to Joomla 3.1.4 then please visit this link - docs.joomla.org/J3.1:Extensions_Broken_in_3.1.4

      Hopefully this will help solve most problems from the update.

      Thanks for your cooperation 8)
    • David

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