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Five Elements Every Business Website Should Have

other unrelated messages, so you can always use a contact form instead, making it easy for users to give you their preferred contact information, the reason for the request, and more. Is your company on social networks like Twitter and Facebook? Add links to your contact page, and/or the header or footer

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/146-five-elements-every-business-website-should-have
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Good Laptops for Bloggers and Content Creators

comfort of their home office quite often, especially if they work in a field where events and meetups take place at frequency. There are plenty of reasons a blogger or content creator would need to venture out of your house now and then. Conferences and other industry events are a prime example, and occur

RocketTheme Articles /blog/reviews/160-good-laptops-for-bloggers-and-content-creators
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Tips For Boosting Sales Through Your Website In 2017

businesses to forget that at the customer is ultimately looking for a solution to his problems or a fulfillment for his need, and doesn't have a special reason for buying a product from you. Given the fact, it's remarkable how ecommerce retail giants have been able to achieve their mammoth status, despite

RocketTheme Articles /blog/news/245-tips-for-boosting-sales-through-your-website-in-2017
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What Do You Do if Your WordPress Site Has Been Hacked?

the issue is cleaning your site and dealing with your vulnerability. For starters, it would be prudent that you perform a backup of your site. The reason for this is that quite too many hosting service providers immediately delete a site once it has been confirmed or reported as hacked. They often delete

Wordpress Articles /blog/wordpress/214-what-do-you-do-if-your-wordpress-site-has-been-hacked
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How RocketTheme Uses MAMP 3.0

original functionality significantly. It provides easy access to logs, configuration settings, and numerous other essential tools. The UI is the main reason we use MAMP. Even though it is not the fastest, or most robust, it is definitely the simplest and also the most commonly used. If we run into any issues

Joomla Wordpress Articles /blog/coding/105-how-rockettheme-uses-mamp-3-0
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Can Having a Personal Website Help You Find a Job?

testimonials from previous employers and coworkers in an environment that you have total control over. In this article, we will take a look at some of the reasons a website may (or may not) help you land your next job. Increased Visibility This can also help you stand out from other applications. Jacquelyn

RocketTheme Articles /blog/team/129-can-having-a-personal-website-help-you-find-a-job
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Introducing RocketTheme's New Website

Many of our templates and extensions have feature lists that extend well beyond anything you could explain in a single paragraph. It is for this reason we have completely redesigned and refined our product pages to give you a quick, easily navigable overview of everything a product has to offer. At

Joomla Phpbb Articles /blog/team/104-introducing-rockettheme-new-website
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Afterburner2: A Fast Free Feature-Rich Joomla Template

our modest aspirations, as the results below clearly show. Afterburner2 Demo Afterburner2 Performance The RocketLauncher installation contains a reasonable representation of a real-world site hosted on a pretty average web server at Rochen Hosting that houses over 200 other Joomla, WordPress, and Magento

Joomla Articles /blog/joomla/31-afterburner2-joomla-template
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Website Planning Tips: What to Do Before You Build

experience for your visitors at a much faster pace than you could if you tried to match your content to a pre-existing layout. This is one of the reasons RocketTheme designs its templates and themes in a way that makes their layout as fluid and adaptable as possible. With a little work, and the right

RocketTheme Articles /blog/design/166-website-planning-tips
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Gantry5: Incredibly Easy to Use

platforms that are built on outdated standards. This can be limiting for the developer, and create issues down the line. This is one of the core reasons behind Gantry5 being a complete rebuild of Gantry from the ground up. We wanted the framework to come out-of-the-box ready for tomorrow’s Internet

Wordpress Magento Joomla Phpbb Articles /blog/team/172-gantry5-incredibly-easy-to-use